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QRS In Professional Sport
Quantronic Resonance System (QRS) In Professional Sport Dr. Med. ML Baude Clinical Support Manager

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QRS effect on Bodytemperature
Information showed here using setting 5 on a 55 years old man with the QRS device.

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QRS in Sport
The QRS has been shown to be effective in increasing performance for both professional athletes and individuals that make exercise a part of their daily activities. QRS is an innovative treatment available without negative side effects....

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Civilisation diseases and their origin
Malnutrition, lack of exercise, stress and pollution are
among the major causes of a large number of diseases.
Quantum therapy helps to reduce or even to eliminate
the effects of these risk factors. Its natural magnetic fields
open the body cells and allow minerals and nutrients to
enter. At the same time, it increases the oxygen-level in
the patient´s blood dramatically. This way, Quantum therapy
activates cellular metabolism, detoxifies the organism and
relaxes tissue and muscle.
The above mentioned health hazards may still be there,
their devastating effects, however, can be held at bay.
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The medicine of the 21st century is on a large scale moving from chemistry to physics. Below is a choice of the products QRS offers you.
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QRS 101 Basic
Equipment (Home Unit)
QRS 201 Mobile Computer MFS Energy Pen, for local treatment
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